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We have caribou hunting lodges in Quebec and Labrador. The only caribou hunting outfitter in Canada licenced to operate in both Canadian Provinces.

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We are the ONLY caribou outfitting service licensed in Quebec & Labrador
We follow the migration with 42 hunting sites
We own our private float plane company
We book only 25% of our potential
We decide your hunting camp upon your arrival according to migration



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Caribou hunting was running through my brain as I glassed the grand expanse of barren hills, ridges and valleys that stretched before me. My pre-hunting research strongly suggested few other places offered a better chance of hunting a record-book Quebec-Labrador caribou, and after seeing the country my gut told me the same thing. A few minutes later my guide, Roland Berry, a native Newfoundlander, joined me and after a brief discussion and more glassing that revealed not a sign of game we decided to head up a valley that headed towards the coast, keeping to the high ground.

“Two caribou bulls head’n this way, Al; just below that rock face on the far ridge. One’s small, but the other one’s worth a close look..” I found the caribou in my binoculars, and I agreed. “By the looks of it the caribou trail they’re on crosses that brook and comes right below us,” Roland explained continuing to glass and lay out a plan. “Lets move down a bit keeping an eye on the caribou and pick a good position. We might get lucky!” Lucky wasn’t the word for it. A half hour later we had descended several hundred feet, found the trail fifty-yards below, and just as we took position behind some boulders the size of Volkswagons we saw caribou horns appearing over a small knoll less than 200-yards to the west. I seated a percussion cap on my .50 caliber Thompson/Center Hawken Custom, and waited. more


Labrador has one of the few giant brook trout watersheds remaining on earth. We are very protective of this unique resource and ask for your support of our fly fishing only, barbless hook, catch and release philosophy. Our superb quality of fishing will only continue and be available to future generations only if we do our part to preserve it. Our trout have been averaging around 5-pounds, and each year clients catch examples weight 7, 8 and up to 10-pounds. We want this to continue, for you, other guests and the future. Upon request, your guide will photograph, measure and weigh all large fish and we will be more than pleased to make arrangements with noted taxidermists and wood carvers for a fiberglass reproduction or wood carving of your trophy. more

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